Sian Richards


“Siân is a world-class, game-changing coach – in 20 years the best money my organisation has ever spent on me.”
Director, FCO


Sian is established as a key player in the coaching and development of senior individuals in Whitehall, including the prestigious High Potential Development Scheme for top civil servants. Working at these levels has developed her expertise and interest in the perennial issues of sustainable performance and resilience, effective relationship building, and personal confidence, impact and presence. She also has growing expertise in the notion of ‘work wilderness’ (her term), which is the bewildering experience that many mid-lifers have of losing direction, and purpose in their work.



Siân is a dynamic, talented and bold business coach who combines extensive experience of leadership with a natural ability to facilitate change in others. Working best at senior levels, she has a keen interest in all the challenges faced by individuals and teams in top leadership positions. She draws on her natural assets of warmth, perceptiveness and daring, always aiming to work with frankness, compassion and humour. She is both intuitively challenging – always holding in sight the goals agreed between her clients and herself – and supportively encouraging.

Recent clients include FCO, BIS, DfT, FSA, DVLA, Friends of the Earth, Jamie Oliver Freshone Productions, The Innovation Unit, and London and SÄID Business Schools plus a handful of (private) hedge fund managers.


Sian’s practice is underpinned by 15 years’ experience working in management and leadership roles, latterly working alongside senior officials and government ministers and, prior to setting up her business, as a top team member of a City company.

Sian is also established in the field of leadership and management training, working as a trainer and coach on the 5-day residential Runge Leadership Programme, a lead facilitator for META, a programme for talented managers from minorities identified with Senior Civil Service potential, and a key member of the 9 month Accelerated Development Programme for government fast stream. Siân trained with the School of Coaching and with the Academy of Executive Coaching. She a draws on a working knowledge of psychology (Jungian, Gestalt, CBT, TA, Positive Psychology) and is an accredited practitioner of Myers Briggs.


Siân keeps her own leadership practice honed (and humbled) by chairing the 60-strong London ensemble Eclectic Voices, with whom she also sings alto.

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