Why we are successful

We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in business coaching and we know the attributes that make business coaches effective.

  • Business knowledge
  • Psychological understanding
  • Broad coaching experience
  • Strength of personality

It is not always the case that business coaches have this rich mix behind them – we all do.

We have significant management experience outside coaching, and have built our coaching knowledge and human understanding through rigorous study, continuous development and a great deal of practise, coaching across many industries.

We know how to do ‘tough love’. We excel in the skill of truly listening to understand others, which helps us rapidly to establish unique relationships of mutual trust and respect. We are able to create an environment where the executive can think deeply and we can say the things that need to be said – to extraordinary levels of honesty and candour -and can challenge, were appropriate, to explore business and personal challenges.

“I instantly knew that Jane would be invaluable the moment I met her. She is an exceptional coach who challenged my thinking, enabled me to seek my own way through the challenges faced at executive level, plus provided me with numerous tips and ideas to access various strategies quickly.”
Dr. SW, National Director